Friday, August 29, 2014

Jack Turns 6

I asked Jack what he wanted to eat on his birthday... I said I would make anything he wanted or we could go out... his request... "junk food noodles" = Ramen ;o) So, that was easy to comply with that request and you can tell I never let him eat them! It really was a great day. He lost his first tooth in Art Class and then had lunch with Bryan in his office. I hope they will be able to have lunch together every once in awhile. Jack's class celebrated two Aug. birthdays in the afternoon, so I got to be in the classroom for awhile. 
He was very pleased with all his presents and had a blast playing all evening with his new PLANES toys and LEGOS. 
We are planning a joint party for the boys in Sept... but Jack's family birthday celebration was a blast.

 the boys in Jack's class.

 His class...

 The boys opened a couple of joint gifts from Aunt Christine... PLANES characters...

Friday, August 15, 2014

Two BOYS in School...

Well, the first day of school was rained out... so they boys had ended up starting on different days. Jacks school went ahead with normal classes on Thursday, even with the disruption on Wed. Max had registration on Thursday and then today was his first full day. 
I snapped these photos of Jack yesterday before he got on the school bus. 

Then today I sent Max off after lunch to his kindergarten...

And this afternoon then came home together on the bus.... they get to ride home in the afternoon together.

Happy First week of school!!! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Driving, A Wedding, PA and fun

I've got a lot of summer catch up today... so be prepared for a lot of photos!

The second part of our summer has involved a bit of travelling! We drove up to the Twin Cities for Daniel and Rebekah's wedding {friends from Hong KOng} It was a gorgeous wedding and the weather cooperated after being cranky.
 We actually got a decent family photo too!

 It was so fun to see many friends from Hong Kong who no longer live there. it was a great catch up!

 We got a photo with all the Hong Kong peeps....
 We stayed with one of my collage roommates and had fun over the weekend with them too.
We drove to Des Moines for a week of family fun and VBS.

 VBS was a superhero theme!

We took Bryan to the airport after leaving Des Moines, then spent a couple of days with another college roommate and her kids.

 My sister Ellen, and her daughter were still at mom and dads so the boys had fun with Cousin Addy for a few days.
 The Annual Black and White photo...
 Uncle Will!
 Siblings!! Missing 1 ;o)
 I flew back to PA with Ellen and got to see where they live and their life out East... It was a great weekend.

one more week here... The Boys went with Grandma and Grandpa to see their cousins for the night and I'm headed to LaCrosse to meet a friend.... School starts 2 weeks from today.... what????


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